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The Relaxation Company

Sounds True is the exclusive distribution and licensing partner for The Relaxation Company brand-line of music and spoken-word audio products, in partnership with Agog Creative Group. The Relaxation Company products include the clinically proven Brainwave Series by sound-healing pioneer Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, which have sold over one million copies.

"This is a coming together of like-minded people and like-minded products," said Sounds True Founder and Publisher Tami Simon. "It solidifies Sounds True¡¯s position in the wellness market as the leading provider of benefit-oriented music and audio."

The Relaxation Company, based in New York, was founded in 1980 by Jeff Charno. In its 30 years, the company has produced over 700 titles with a current collection of over 150 music and audio titles. "This licensing agreement is a perfect fit for our two companies. When we looked to the future, we knew we wanted to expand our trade distribution channels as well as our direct-to-consumer business. Sounds True is already well established and committed in these areas, especially in the digital arena."

Relaxation Company Listening Station Mix - LS82M
View PDF flyer online (MKT896)

Bestselling CD Rack Collections for Relaxation Company Titles
(View PDF online) MKT923

Music to Change Your Brain
Open PDF flyer (MKT1148)

Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep . . . Naturally
Open PDF flyer (MKT892)

Relax . . . Naturally . . .
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