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A.M.I./Legion of Light Products
AAOTE (Jewellery)
Alchemy England
Amber Lotus Publishing (Calendars, Cards & Journals)
AngelStar (Statuary)
Blue Eagle Invocation Ltd.  & Pressbook
BrownTrout (Calendars)
Brush Dance
Buddha Board Inc.
Cascade Sterling (Silver Jewellery)
Circles of Light
Coventry Creations, Inc. (Candles)
Dryad Design (Statuary, Jewellery)
EnlightenUp, LLC. (Decks)
Fantasy Gifts
Firefly – calendars
Fool Moon Treasures
Harvest Lights (beeswax candles)
Hay House
Healings from The Heart (Inspiration Cards)
Heart Drop Press (Journal, Deck)
Hearts for Love
Inner Light Resources, Inc. (Charts, Wallet Cards)
Kiss Naturals
Lailokens Awen
Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD. (Kits, Decks)
Magnetic Poetry
Mandala Arts (Banners, Stickers)
Mother Tongue Ink
Music Design (Angel Cards)
Mystic Rose Studio
Natural Scents
Natures Alchemy
New World Concepts (Heart Cards)  & Game
Ohm Therapeutics (CD’s, Tuning Forks)  & Video
Onwords & Upwords Inc.
Pacific Trading
Pearls of Wisdom USA
Prabhujis Gifts
Qnaturals 925
Qnaturals Evil Eye
Quanta Naturals
Reality Entertainment (DVD’s)
Sacred Mysteries
Seeds of Light Inc. (Jewelry, Wands)
Spellme Jewelry
Star Chalice Sisters Publishing
Sue Lion: ink
The Crystal Garden
Touchstone Pottery
Tree-Free Greetings
T-Zone Health Inc.
U.S. Games Systems Inc. (Games, Tarot)
Universe City Mikael (UMC)
Wai Lana Yoga
Wise Critter Cards
Wise Unicorn
Write to Empowerment
Xeonix Inc.
Yugen Tribe (Jewellery)
Zensual (Candles)
Zeppo Merchandisers, Inc.